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What to do when SILC is unable to turn lights on or off?

If you are not able to turn any lights on, firstly identify if you have power at a power outlet ie: TV, Kettle etc. If you have power here, check the circuit breaker for your lighting/SILC Circuit.

If the circuit breakers are all on and you have power, you most likely have an issue with the SILC power supply check the SILC power supply to see if the 'Error' Indicator is on, this is a small red LED.

You can also check to see if the green led on a Master Off switch illuminates when pressed, this is not a conclusive indication of a faulty SILC power supply as it may still light up, but if the LED does not illuminate at all this would indicate their is no SILC Control Line voltage and may require a new SILC power supply or supply voltage issue.

If all of the above has been checked and no obvious faults identified, we suggest you contact the original installer or a qualified electrician to investigate further.
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