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What Action will cause a DALI CONTROL Line/IO Controller group to set the Occupied Flag

When programming actions (Sequences, Lists, etc) in a Line/IO Controller, we can use a condition called Only if Unoccupied. This setting is useful to prevent lights turning ON when an area is deemed to vacant (even though the lights may not be completely OFF).
Occupied status can be set/cleared using the GROUP SETTINGS > SET override (or CLEAR override) action in a Sequence/List/Timer, etc.
Actions that will cause a group to be Occupied are:
  •  DALI Command: MAX
  •  Set Scene
  •  GROUP SETTINGS > SET override
Actions that will cause a group to Clear Occupied are:
  •  DALI Command: OFF
  •  GROUP SETTINGS > CLEAR override
Actions that will cause result in no change to the Occupied status are:
  •  ARC level commands
  •  DALI Command: MIN
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