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Is it possible to connect one of your drives direct to solar panels and change the motor to a 3.7kw 3 phase AC to run the pump?

The ATV312 Solar is a new drive we have introduced into the Australian market which is used for pumps with photovoltaic arrays,

The ATV312:
●Use Sunshine power to provide the drive
●Provided on DC Bus terminals
●No need battery

●Compatibility with most of Solar panels and Water pumps
●All types of Solar panels (Thin film, Mono crystalline, Polycrystalline)
●Water pumps driven by 3-phases Asynchronous motors

●Easy to use, to size and to commission Automatic restart
●Minimum of human interventions

Possibility to switch on Grid main supply.

Note that if you have a single phase motor then unfortunately we can't help you. The motor of the pump must be three phase asynchronous and compatible with variable speed drive operation.

To select the appropriate ATV312 Solar drive with motor please refer the following drive sizer tool:

All other information can be found using the following link:
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