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Push - Controller not discovered on network

a.    Controller could be set with a static IP address on a different subnet.
i.    Reset the controller using the reset button to revert back to network defaults (retrieve IP address from DHCP server).

b.    Virtual network adapters on the current working machine, which results in the UDP broadcast packets not being sent/received from the correct network adapter
i.    Disable the virtual network adapters when using the Push Project Editor, or change the automatic metric to prioritise the adapter you are working from.

c.    Firewall is preventing UDP packets from being sent/received on the network type you are currently connected to, i.e. when the editor was installed the network type chosen to be allowed through the firewall differs to the network type that is currently selected.
i.    Rules need to be adjusted inside of Windows Firewall -> Advanced Settings -> Inbound Settings -> Push Project Editor. Allow connections on all domains and for both UDP and TCP traffic. NOTE: Turning the firewall off will not bypass the rules within the firewall
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