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How to recover C-Bus, C-Touch Spectrum & Black and White MKII?

If your C-Touch Spectrum or Black & White MKII has had the reset button pressed or needs to be recovered after a file corruption runs through the following steps.
  1. Remove the fascia from the touch screen
  2. below the blue LED you will see a round hole which leads to the reset button or this might be covered with a yellow or black label.
IMPORTANT: When this reset button is pressed it will erase the Firmware and the Project files from the unit

       3. To reset the unit you would typically press this button for a few seconds
       4. Once pressed the unit will reboot to show a black screen ONLY but will show the blue LED being ON

To now recover the unit, download and install the PICED software from http://www2.clipsal.com/cis/technical/downloads

- Create a new blank project based on either the Black and White or Spectrum MKII's
- On the main toolbar in PICED click on Transfer
- Now select - Recover C-Touch 2 or Spectrum
- This will open a window where you can select the current firmware typically located here: C:\Clipsal\PICED\Firmware
- After you have selected the *.mot file it may prompt to select the correct Com Port otherwise it will now transfer the firmware.
- Once completed and after the unit has rebooted, it should now say this unit need's programing before first use.
- You can now transfer the project to the unit.
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