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How to do DCDALCIP250-2 –MODE settings?

Following are the DCDALCIP250-2 –MODE settings instructions:​

  1.  Power ON the DCDALCIP250-2​
  2. Check the status indicator ‘A’:​
    1. ​​​​Mode 1: flash 1 time repeatedly​
    2. Mode 2: flash 2 times repeatedly​
    3. Mode 3: flash 3 times repeatedly​​
  3. If the status Indicator is in mode 3, you can reset to mode 1 by following the following step:
    1. ​​​Hold down ‘ON A’ + press & release ‘TEST A’ (for mode 1)
This set the unit back to mode 1 and the status Indicator 'A' flashes 1 time repeatedly if successful.
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