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How to Arm/Disarm NESS Minicentral from C-Bus

On the Alarm Panel:
- Enter Program mode, then enter Installer mode of Alarm Panel - "Program' should be flashing.
- Press P199E and enable 3E, 6E - 3 & 6 showing where the Zone numbers are.
- Press P then E to go back to the ready mode.

In the PICED Software:
- Click File and "Add Template Contents' click 'Ok' and select the relivent device and then pages, select the Security Page. this is a different process for Wiser
- Add this to the project and arrange to suit screen.
- Save to device.

Power Cycle the Alarm by removing the mains power pack and battery, once powered back up arm then disarm the Alarm from the physical keypad.
Now arm and disarm from the C-Bus Touch screen, their will be a small delay in response from the MiniCentral.
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