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How can I direct the diagnostics display to write to a file on the E-series SCADAPack file system?

The diagnostic display can be directed to an SCADAPack E file, rtudiag.log with the use of the FILEDIAG command.

The diagnostic display can only be directed to a single service at any given time, and so if the diagnostic mode is already enabled in the RTU, it will have to be disabled before diagnostic file logging can commence.

If the FILEDIAG command is invoked while a diagnostic display session is active, the following message will be displayed

Diagnostic display already in-use

Use RESTART DIAG to disconnect remote user

The available commands are as follows:

FILEDIAG [filesize]
 This command is used to enable diagnostic file logging. Filesize is an optional parameter:

· If filesize is not specified, there is no limit to the size of the log file (rtudiag.log).  

· If filesize is specified, diagnostic file logging is stopped when the rtudiag.log file exceeds that size. Because the filesize parameter is used as a trigger to stop diagnostic logging, a few seconds worth of diagnostic information may be appended to the rtudiag.log file after the specified file size is reached.

Activating diagnostic file logging will overwrite any previously created rtudiag.log files.
 This command is used to disable diagnostic file logging.
A FILEDIAG request with no file size specified will be characterized by the following messages. On SCADAPack 530E and SCADAPack 535E RTUs, the /user prompt replaces c:\ in the messages.

Diagnostic File Logging Commenced (c:\rtudiag.log). Max size not restricted

Use command FILEDIAG 0 to disable

A FILEDIAG request that specifies a file size, e.g. FILEDIAG 12000, will be characterised by the following messages:

Diagnostic File Logging Commenced (c:\rtudiag.log). Max size = 12000 bytes

Use command FILEDIAG 0 to disable

 A FILEDIAG 0 request to disable diagnostic file logging will be characterised by the following message

Diagnostic File Logging Disabled

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