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How do I display measurement application information in Wiser

Within PICED Wiser Project

1. Create a Measurement Application Channel via the Project | C-Bus Applications | Measurement Manager
2. Create a Level Component capable of displaying the Measurement Application and click Add.
3. Set the System IO Tab to display Status.
4. Set the System IO Variable to use In-built System IO.
5. Choose the appropriate In-built System IO variable eg Measurement App Real Value to display real/floating point data.
6. Choose the Measurement Application Channel which relates to step 1.
7. Connect PICED to C-Bus via Options | Connect to C-Bus to test if operating correctly.
8. Create a User System IO Variable via Project | Edit System IO
9. Create a Logic Service - User System IO Widget to display the User System IO Variable via the Widget Manager
10. Create a Logic Module to read an In-build System IO Variable and format it for display via the User System IO Variable via PICED Logic.

See attached example.

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