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Why is my HomeSafe alarm showing armed even when i enter the confirmed correct code to disarm.

1. Enter Program Mode - P [Master Code - 123(default)] E
2. Enter Installer Mode - P [Installer Code - 000000(default) E
3. Enter P201E Exclude E to display the Master Code Options
4. Has P201E been enabled for Area 1 eg 1E? See installation guide note "1E AREA 1 CODES. This option is used to assign any user code
to area 1. (user codes 1–15 are assigned to area 1.)"
5. Has P201E been enabled for Arm Only eg 3E? This option is only applicable to user codes 2-56 eg P202E - P256E. 
6. Has P201E been enabled for Remote eg 5E? It is recommended that the remote be activated on another user code other than the master as the master can be used to access the program and installer modes.

If Master Code is defined for Area 1 and not for Remote it should be able to arm/disarm from keypad as expected
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