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​Video: How to password protect PLC and application backup in Unity Pro 8.0

Earlier versions of Unity Pro do not have this feature of application and PLC password protection. This feature is implemented from Unity Pro 8.0 onwards.
To password protect the application perform the following steps:

1  In the project browser right-click Project.  
2  Select Properties command from the popup menu. 
Result: The Properties of Project window appears.  
3  Select Protection tab.  

4  In the Application field, click Change password .... 
Result: The Modify Password window appears.  
5  Enter the new password in the Entry field.  

6  Enter the confirmation of the new password in the Confirmation field.  
7  Click OK to confirm.  
8  Click OK or Apply in the Properties of Project window to confirm all changes. 
Download complete program into PLC and check for password protect features. The password is case-sensitive and it must have a size from 8 to 16 alphanumeric characters.

Following things can be noticed when password is set.
- When Unity Pro application is opened, it will ask for password.  

- While making connection from Unity Pro to PLC, a password request is made if controller application is not equal to unity pro application.

- On making connection from Unity Pro to PLC, if Unity application is equal and same as Controller application, then no password request is made.
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