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How to back up a PICED project?

A new archive is created by the File | Archive | Export to Archive menu item. This opens the Export Project to Archive form.
The files to be archived can be selected with the Option:
1) Select Just Files used by the Project to archive just the files which are actually used by the Project. This is a convenient way to extract just the files used by a project from a directory which contains several projects.
2) Select All Files in the Project Directory to archive all files in the Project folder
3) Select All Files in the Project Directory and its sub-directories to archive all files in the Project folder and any folders within the Project folder.
If you selected Just Files used by the Project, you can also select additional files which may be required (for example, files which are used by Logic). To add additional files, click on the Add button, select a file and click on OK. Note that only files which are in the Project directory can be added. To delete a file from the list, select the file in the list then click on the Delete button.
The Power Failure Recovery file is added to the archive by default. If you do not want to include this file, de-select Include Power Failure Recovery File.
Select the C-Bus Project file (usually in the C:\Clipsal\C-Gate2\Tag directory) if the displayed one is incorrect.
If you use a non-standard font (i.e. One which does not come with Windows), it would be advisable to save a copy of the font with the project. The font files, which have either a "ttf" or "fon" extension reside in the Windows\Fonts directory (or the Winnt40\Fonts on some versions of Windows). Normally, these fonts would be those which have been downloaded specially for use in the project.
For example, if you use a non-standard font called "My Font" in your project and your project is stored in C:\Clipsal\PICED\Projects\MyProject, PICED will copy the font file (for example C:\Windows\Fonts\MyFont.ttf) to the project fonts folderC:\Clipsal\PICED\Projects\MyProject\Fonts for inclusion in the archive.

​Note: Once all the files have been specified, the archive file is named. The extension for PICED software archive files is "cta".
Click on the Finish button.
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