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XGCS4901201 RFID Reader - what is the magnetic strength and compatibility with the Medtronic Evera XT VR ICD implanted, which is basically a pacemaker ?

Response from level 3 tech support:

Unfortunately our RFID readers are not human healthy certified, and normally no specific certification does not exist for such need.

We never measure the emission power for the medical caution.

What we can say
1) Please refer to the following FDA article about this subject


So the potential risk of interference with pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs), and other electronic medical devices, exists, even if it is low.

2) Our station is FCC part 15 certified. Below tesensors.com site link about this US certification about industrial interferences with another devices. It is attached to the case, like the datasheet.


3) Regarding the FCC part 15 rules attached, we can confirm the XGC-S8901201 RFID reader (or station) is under the limits defined into the table of these rules, especially the page 13.

So the limits of our RFID reader are
- 250 microvolts for the conducted emission of radio-frequency energy (transmitted power),
- emission limit of 30 microvolts/meter at 30m (field strength).

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