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What is an EVERLINK connection and what are its advantages?

TESYS Everlink contactor

TeSys Everlink is an enhancement to Schneider Electric's motor starter solutions, offering combinations of 2 or 3 products for creating motor starters up to 65 A.

TeSys Everlink contactors (all with the same dimensions) are available in 3 ratings:

  • 40 A, part number LC1D40Axx
  • 50 A, part number LC1D50Axx
  • 65 A, part number LC1D65Axx


Associated thermal overload relays

LRD3xx thermal overload relays, which can be installed directly on any of these 3 contactors, have significantly lower ratings than those of Everlink contactors, meaning that these relays can be used for applications with lower power ratings.
These relays are rated as follows:

  • 9-13 A
  • 12-18 A
  • 16-25 A
  • 23-32 A
  • 25-40 A adapted to LC1D40Axx
  • 37-50 A adapted to LC1D50Axx
  • 48-65 A adapted to LC1D65Axx

They cannot be mounted directly underneath LC1D09 to LC1D38 contactors. Simply use the LA7D3064 kit for clipping onto a 35 mm mounting rail

Combining GV3Pxx and GV3Lxx circuit-breakers with LC1Dxxxxx contactors and LRD3xx thermal overload relays is a particularly quick, compact and safe solution.

Use of GV3P circuit-breakers (thermal-magnetic)


  • 9-13 A, part number GV3P13
  • 12-18 A, part number GV3P18
  • 17-25 A, part number GV3P25
  • 23-32 A, part number GV3P32
  • 30-40 A, part number GV3P40
  • 37-50 A, part number GV3P50
  • 48-65 A, part number GV3P65


Use of GV3L circuit-breakers (magnetic)

  • 25 A, part number GV3L25
  • 32 A, part number GV3L32
  • 40 A, part number GV3L40
  • 50 A, part number GV3L50
  • 65 A, part number GV3L60


Advantages of EVERLINK contactors

The Everlink fixing system ensures fixing without creep, as well as reduced heat loss at the connection points.

  • Shorter assembly time
  • Guaranteed quality of wiring
  • Continuity of service assured: No need for periodic re-tightening of terminals
  • Reduced dimensions in wall-mounted and floor-standing enclosures

Its removable terminal block allows the circuit-breaker and contactor to be linked vertically without an accessory, or horizontally using an S-shaped busbar. Wiring on the same rail can be completed in less than one minute!


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