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Do you have any recommendations for a transfer switch for my XW system?

The transfer switch isolates the XW inverter from the electric utility when the XW inverter is on and providing temporary power. The control capability of a transfer switch may be manual only, or a combination of automatic and manual.

For example, in a home equipped with a backup XW inverter and an ATS, when an electric utility outage occurs, once the ATS sees that the XW inverter is ready to provide electric power, the ATS breaks the home's connection to the electric utility and connects the inverter to the home's electrical panel. The inverter supplies power to the home's electric load, but is not connected to the electric utility lines. It is necessary to isolate the XW inverter from the distribution system to protect the XW inverter from overload in powering loads beyond the house and for safety, as utility workers expect the lines to be dead.

When utility power returns for a minimum time, the transfer switch will transfer the house back to utility power and disconnect from the XW inverter.

Here are two references for Transfer Switches:

Manual Transfer Switch - https://www.ascopower.com/en-us/products-catalog/products/power-transfer-switches/asco-series-300-manual-transfer-switch/

Automatic Transfer Switch - https://www.ascopower.com/en-us/products-catalog/products/power-transfer-switches/asco-series-185-power-transfer-switch/

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