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ATV61 with the DeviceNet card VW3A3309 troubleshooting assistance.

The ATV61 drive with a DeviceNet option card on will not start via the network commands.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV61

All ATV61 with optional VW3A3309 DeviceNet option cards.

Drive will not start using network commands with DeviceNet option card installed on the drive.

Check the reference and command channel make sure its set for communications card control.
The PLC (Logix 5000) could read data but was not able to write. Verified that I/O Scanner was set up properly but he scanner module was Idle.
Restarted scanner module. 
Now we find out the CMD and LFRD are DINT (32 bit words).  The 1st 16 bits of the word are the CMD and the 2nd 16 bits are for the LFRD speed reference.
He needs to write to the 32 bit word accordingly for start/stop and speed reference.


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