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What are the differences when converting over the ATS46 to an ATS48 soft starter?

What are the differences to consider when retrofitting an ATS48 in place of an ATS46?

Product Line:
Altistart ATS46 and ATS48


Application differences between the ATS46 and ATS48 soft starters.

Example of converting old ATS46 to the new ATS48

Control voltage differences
Old ATS46 used a multitap CPT accepting control voltage up to 500Vac
New ATS48 uses control voltage 120 - 240Vac.
If existing control voltage is over 240Vac, provide another source of acceptable control power, possibly by adding a step down control power transformer.

Fault relays
Old ATS46 has 2 fault relays: 1NO R1A-R1C and 1NC R1B-R1D.
New ATS48 only has 1 NO fault relay, R1A-R1C.
If existing control used the NC R1B-R1D, then add an interposing relay controlled by the R1A-R1C relay.

Power Terminals for the optional shorting contactor
Old ATS46 had 6 power terminals for the optional shorting contactor: A1 B1 C1 and A2 B2 C2
New ATS48 only has 3 power terminals: A2 B2 C2
Consider adding a power terminal block to split the power circuit to feed both the ATS48 L1L2L3 and the shorting contactor L1L2L3.

In some cases as described above you may need add several components to make the conversion work.
1: Step down control power transformer
2: Interposing control relay
3: Power terminal block

Note: In some cases the physical dimensions can be different between the old ATS46 and new ATS48.
Reference manual VD0C32S301B for information on the ATS46 soft starter
Reference manual S1A37491 for information on the ATS48 soft starter.
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