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DUPLICATE: FA174726ATV61: What can cause an ILF (Internal Com.link fault)?

What can cause an ILF (Internal Com link fault)?

Product line:
Altivar ATV61 ATV71

All models, all serial numbers 

There is a communications fault between the ATV drive and the option card that has been installed.      

A: Menu 1.11 check options 1 and options 2 to see if there are two serial communication cards installed at one time.   You can only have one serial coms card installed at one time.
B: Try reseating the option card that has been installed it might be loose.
C: CIC cards check to see if the CIC card has an external +24vdc wired to the CIC card.
D: Power cycle to see if the fault will clear.  Reference manual atv61_programming_manual_en_v2
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