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Group metering switchboards made easy


Pre-wired, modular group metering switchboards for multi-dwelling applications

 FlexMulti - group metering switchboard for buildings, apartments, units, retail   

Schneider Electric has designed a more efficient way to install group metering switchboards for multi-dwelling applications. The new FlexMulti range features modular designs that are pre-wired and ready to go - saving you time on every installation.

Schneider Electric provides you with a high-quality range to ensure you have the right solution applied for every project.


The FlexMulti range:

  • Frame System (IP2X) – 1.6mm metal for indoor applications
  • Enclosure System (IP34) – 1.2mm metal for outdoor protected applications
  • Enclosure System (IP66) – 1.6mm metal for outdoor applications.

All three models:

  • suitable for applications up to 630A
  • pre-wired
  • fitted with modular switchgear and metering systems specific to individual requirements.


  • modular design
  • pre-wired for ease of utility meter installation
  • CT chambers for centralised metering
  • metering panel for mounting of Supply Authority meters
  • MCCB modules for discrimination and cascading
  • DIN rail modules for control circuitry (‘smart building’ installations)
  • robust construction.


  • shorter lead times and optimised footprint
  • multiple link modules make interconnections simple and easy
  • works just as well for embedded metering (sub-metering)
  • multiple IP ratings to suit a variety of applications
  • suitable for applications up to 630A
  • compliant with State Regulations.

FlexMulti group metering switchboard brochure for buildings, apartments, units and retail 


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