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    Customized performance solutions for Air/Water Cooled Chillers

    Air/Water-Cooled Chillers

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    • For the OEM, you need innovative and cost effective features that differentiate your equipment from the rest of the pack.
    • For the End User, you need to decrease the energy consumption of your existing equipment and prolong it's useful life.

    Extend the useful life of your chillers

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    • Solutions

      A complete solution allowing OEMs to design equipment with several energy-saving functions and innovative features. We support your engineering efforts and help you achieve an advantage by differentiating your manufactured HVAC/R equipment.
    • Value Proposition

      Reduce time to market
      • Intuitive and flexible programming with ready-to-use function blocks
      • Tested, Validated, Documented Architectures (TVDA) 

      Increase profitability

      • Enhanced modularity
      • Scalable single software solutions 

      Improve HVAC/R equipment efficiency

      • Advanced function blocks for compressor management, COP (Coefficient of Performance) monitoring, and more Algorithms and functions can be easily customized 

      Simplify integration & maintenance

      • Wide choice of BMS connectivity options
    • Differentiation

      Monitor and improve your HVAC/R equipment efficiency with:

      • Our “Coefficient of Performance Monitor” function blocks
      • Remote monitoring through your smart phone
      • Power meter integrated into our solution
      • Integrated variable speed drive and controller 
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    Floating high-pressure control

    This Application Function Block (AFB) floats the condensing pressure of the air cooled condenser, manages the High Pressure set-point and provides the information to the fan management AFB. This advanced control optimizes high pressure set-point and reduces the energy consumption of the system.