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    Machine safety solutions

    Build safe, legal and efficient machines

    • Schneider Electric Preventa SISTEMA and VDMA Libraries

      Download the latest Schneider Electric safety libraries for use in SISTEMA and other tools!

      Download it now
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    • Preventa - Complete machine safety chain solutions

      Discover the provider of the complete safety chain powered by Preventa technology. Helping you simply to reach the right level of safety for your machine!

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      Machine builders like you are looking for a way to improve your machine safety without compromising production targets in the dynamic industrial environment. The safety of the people at the machine has the direct impact on user’s productivity and your company’s reputation. Building the right level of safety on your machine is made difficult due to regulations, large portfolio of offers and the right safety application knowledge.
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      Our machine safety solutions

      Covering all the safety functionality and scalability you need for your machine

      Why work with Schneider Electric?

      • Default Alternative Text Complete safety chain provider Schneider Electric safety chains cover all the safety functionality and scalability you need to improve efficiency and profitability. Preventa offers an extensive range of safety products, compliant with international standards, to provide the most comprehensive protection for personnel and equipment.
      • Graph up icon MachineStruxure The MachineStruxure automation solution helps you to build smarter machines and equipment faster, making your business more effective, profitable and sustainable.