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    Energy quality with Power Factor Correction and harmonic filtering

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    Upgrade your electricity network and improve energy efficiency

    Compensating reactive energy increases overall installation capacity, reduces voltage drops, reduces losses by Joule effect, increases infrastructure service life by reducing overheating and reduces operational costs.

    Support from the onset up to equipment end-of-life

    life cycle services
    • Solutions

      • Fixed or automatic capacitor banks.
      • Passive filters for transmission and distribution substations.
      • Dynamic compensation and blocking circuits for wind power farms and solar power farms.
    • Value proposition

      Power factor correction and harmonic filtering are part of a comprehensive and integrated solution for medium voltage power applications. All these products are designed to communicate and operate together. 

    • Differentiation

      • Our specialised teams perform site audits and studies to measure and simulate the most suitable solutions.
      • All our equipment is designed, manufactured and tested in compliance with the latest IEC standards.
      • Utilities around the world are currently using our MV capacitors, metal enclosed banks or open rack banks.   
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    Energy applications

    • Extra high voltage transmission substations and systems.
    • Medium voltage substations and distribution networks.
    • Wind and solar farms. We've got all of them covered.


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      Reduce power losses

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      Improve power factor and energy quality