• Industrial sized cement mill, cement production.
    Advanced Process Control & Optimization

    AdvanceD Process Control and OptimiSation

    Cement facility at dusk, cement production.


    Complex, energy and resource-intensive processes like the cement manufacturing, require sophisticated control solutions. They need to maximise efficiency and optimise resource consumption (energy and chemicals), even in the most challenging conditions.
    • Solutions

      Advanced Process Control (APC) is a software tool that collects information from the process and field devices (via supervisory, historian, and control systems). It then applies the right control strategy according to process requirements, to determine optimised set points for the most efficient performance of the system. APC strategies are also able to work with constraints and resolve conflicting process objectives.

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    • Value proposition

      APC reduces operator stress, since it is able to analyse multiple variable scenarios and adapt quickly to compensate for process changes. In addition, APC helps operators who lack the experience to quickly make complicated calculations and adjustments.

    • Differentiation

      • Process control agnostic.
      • Easy to use/is intuitive.
      • Requires minimal maintenance.
      • Provides support for generic equations.
      • Rich graphical interface and visualisation tools.
      • Tablet and touch-screen friendly.
      • Adaptable to diverse control strategies (Rules, Model Predictive Controls, etc.)
      • Live trends (performance vs. constraints).


    • Cement factory at night, cement production.
      Better throughput. 

      Reduces emissions.
    • Seaside industrial site, mining industry.
      Optimises energy consumption. 

      Uses less fuel.
    • Cement facility at dusk, cement production.
      Reduce process variability.