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    Optimize your business at every level.


    • Discover the next generation of distributed control systems

      See how PlantStruxure PES (Process Expert System) helps you manage your cement process in a way that is easier, smarter, and more energy-efficient.

    • Argos: doing more with less

      Cement holds the built world together. But despite growing demand, the market is fiercely competitive and is forcing manufacturers to find ways to produce more with less. Colombia's Cementos Argos S.A. figured out how to do just that, thanks to Schneider Electric.

    • Cement production optimisation: Quzhai Cement

      Schneider Electric's Cement Production Optimisation Solution helps producers monitor and control process inefficiencies, as a way to improve overall plant efficiency. See how it has worked for the Quzhai Cement Plant, China, showing the value of the solution to their business.

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      Ongoing challenges include: the need to improve worker safety; enabling sustainable development; maximising output, revenue and margin; optimising OpEx and CapEx; and attracting and developing new talent.
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      Solutions for the cement industry

      Helping the industry improve energy efficiency and grow in a sustainable way

      Why work with Schneider Electric?

      • Default Alternative Text The right solutions We offer solutions to match the needs of cement producers of every size. We have extensive experience developing high-performance and cost-effective solutions.
      • Default Alternative Text Expertise in the cement industry We understand your challenges and can help solve them through our expert services and extensive knowledge of the cement industry.


      • Default Alternative Text Boost operations efficiency with our production and operations optimisation solutions.
      • Default Alternative Text Save energy and reduce emissions though our energy efficiency technology and sustainability services for the cement industry.
      • Blue man icon Over 560,000kg of stone, sand, gravel and cement are needed per person, throughout their lifetime.
      • Blue earth Europe-Africa icon Over 150 countries in the world have operating cement plants.