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    Network Closets

    Ensure availability of your gateway to your cloud services and in-house applications.

    • Small but powerful IT solutions

      Bigger isn't always better. With everything from racks, to PDUs and management software, we can turn any space into an IT environment.

    • Ipswich Grammar School

      The primary concern for the school's IT department, was ensuring 100% uptime for their new data centre. If there were any outages, they needed to be able to rely on a sophisticated back-up power solution to keep it running. That's where we could help.

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    • InfraStruxure for Small IT

      The key to 24/7/365 network uptime. InfraStruxure for Small IT allows IT professionals to deploy their server and network rooms in a simple, adaptable and manageable way.

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      You need to maintain and increase the availability of your access to in-house and cloud applications while maintaining the speed and bandwidth of your network connection. Providing physical and environmental security, increased visibility through remote management, and proactive control over operations are your key challenges.

      Why work with Schneider Electric

      • Time icon Simple, Adaptable, Manageable InfraStruxure for Small IT is a simple, adaptable and manageable architecture for environments outside the data center, such as server rooms and network closets.
      • Default Alternative Text Easy to Deploy IT Physical Infrastructure Schneider Electric’s physical infrastructure for small IT environments is simple to configure, order and install for network closets and other small IT environments.


      • Default Alternative Text Offering a library of free white papers that address typical IT applications.
      • Default Alternative Text Web based product and solution selectors help in planning and design.
      • Default Alternative Text Schneider Electric offers standardized solution designs for today’s challenges, with a scalable architecture that allows for future growth.
      • Default Alternative Text Our plug and play components come together easily to allow for easy deployment and installation.