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    StruxureWare Data Centre Expert

    Angled view of a data and server room.


    Centralised environmental, infrastructure and device monitoring

    The dynamic data centre has hundreds of data points reporting on availability, temperature, airflow, humidity and security. Sifting through the data can be time consuming and difficult to discover emerging trends. Mitigating operational risk by relying on accurate monitoring information is critical to maintaining data centre operations.

    Optimising the data centre life cycle

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    • Solutions

      • Centralised monitoring of multi-vendor physical infrastructure: power, cooling, security and environment. 
      • Also generating user-defined reports and graphs. 
      • Instant fault notification and escalation enable quick resolution of critical infrastructure events, supporting your data centre facility and IT Service Management processes.
    • Value proposition

      • Efficient monitoring of company-wide networked devices from any manufacturer.
      • Provides instant fault notification of critical infrastructure events.
      • Delivers user-defined reports and graphs.
      • Allows custom integration with other systems for maximum flexibility.
    • Differentiation

      • Recognised by Gartner Magic Quadrant as a leader in DCIM, 2014.
      • Open software platform, delivered through a robust, scalable and integrated solution.
      • Enterprise end-to-end solution that delivers outcomes from the "shop floor" to the "top floor".
      • Integrates with existing facility and IT systems, to create a "single source of truth" across the business.
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    Software applications and services

    The innovative DCIM software suite provides complete visibility, from the building level down to the servers. Data centre managers can reduce energy consumption, protect system uptime, and improve planning and operational performance throughout the data centre life cycle. Flexible reporting capabilities make it easy to communicate current status and future capacity needs to data centre stakeholders across the business.


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      Visibility to your entire physical infrastructure through centralised, real-time device monitoring.
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      Efficiently monitor your company-wide, multi-vendor physical infrastructure.
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      Centralised repository accessible from anywhere on the network, through a powerful console application.
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      Allows custom integration with other systems for maximum flexibility.
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      Delivers user-defined reports and graphs, and instant fault notification of critical infrastructure events.
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      Monitors any networked device from any manufacturer.