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    Energy Focus Yields Focused Results

    Energy Consulting

    • Case studies Metal manufacturer enjoys consistent, reliable guidance for centralised energy program

      Schneider Electric built a centralised energy program for the metal manufacturers US operations to consolidate strategic energy decisions. This new approach resulted in an energy cost savings of $2 million during the first year of the partnership. Furthermore, upon seeing the success of the US program, the European energy management team decided to adopt the same approach and has centralised energy decisions for its twelve European sites.

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    • Case studies Paper company seeks research and guidance in diverse geographic locations

      A global pulp and paper manufacturer was looking to optimise costs and support specific internal sustainability strategies. Needing an in-depth look into diverse geographic locations, the company hired Schneider Electric for several market studies in Europe, Asia and South America. Potential savings of $5.7 million were identified from tariff rate switches, voltage upgrades, cogeneration, power factor and demand response opportunities.

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    • Case studies Senior living healthcare operator saves $400,000 by implementing solar power

      The company was investigating ways to improve the sustainability of its operations and qualify for rebates offered to New Jersey businesses that took advantage of green energy. Schneider Electric made a recommendation to move forward with a solar energy solution. The team led a competitive RFP for viable solar suppliers, selecting a supplier that was more than $400,000 less than the budgeted amount for the project.

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    • Case studies Investment firm capitalises on expertise for successful acquisition

      A private equity firm was considering the acquisition of a midstream natural gas company. The firm needed information about the natural gas industry and the viability of the acquisition. The Schneider Electric team provided detailed, independent analysis that included long-term outlooks and industry-specific influencers that allowed the firm to make their decision. After moving forward with the acquisition, the company generated a gross margin of $12 million on operating expenses of $4 million.

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      You see a lot of information about energy price drivers, renewable energy options, sustainability initiatives, but it is difficult to not only understand it all but to then translate what is most important for your business. Furthermore, you have to navigate a maze economically and logistically to implement energy and sustainability programs once you do make a decision. How do you know what information matters and what actions to take to drive cost savings and gain efficiencies?
      A businessman facing a group of people at a meeting, sustainability consulting.

      Energy consulting

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      • Default Alternative Text Energy and sustainability experience Leverage decades of strategy and implementation experience. We will help you navigate the evolution of complex energy markets. Partner with an innovator and thought leader who will sit on your side of the table.
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