Easergy Flair

Fault Indicator for Underground Network
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Easergy Flair
Fault passage indicators for MV underground distribution networks
  • Presentation

    Phase and earth, three-phase Fault Passage Indicator (FPI) for local indication
    • Flair 21D, 22D, 23DV: ammetric FPI, self powered by measurement sensors, integrated in MV switchgear or in a wall-mounted box.
    • Flair 279 and 219: ammetric FPI, powered by LV supply and/or battery, wall-mounted installation
    • Flair 3XX: directional FPI, powered by LV supply and/or battery, wall-mounted installation

    Communicating Fault Passage Indicator (FPI) for remote monitoring

    • Flair 200C: Three-phase default detector communicating for all type of neutral arrangement. In addition to the traditional detection functions, Flair 200C integrates functions of measurement and monitoring of the substation and data transmission.

  • Benefits

    Reduce outage time and improve operation Profit from the 45 years of experience of a leader in fault passage indicators and telecommunication. With more than 400 000 units in operation, the Easergy range is the guarantee of complete peace of mind.
  • Applications

    • MV distribution substation
    • Various options to satisfy any type of MV networks and monitoring applications.