Data Center Operation: Cooling Optimize

Dynamically eliminates hot spots and saves energy through intelligent cooling control.
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Data Center Operation: Cooling Optimize
Active cooling control for optimized resource usage and energy savings.
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    Data Center Operation: Cooling Optimize continuously optimizes airflow in the data center facility, delivering improved reliability and availability. Cooling Optimize is a closed-loop system that reacts to real-time data, automatically identifies and eliminates hot spots and helps diagnose potential facility risks. The application balances the need for cooling with the lowest possible energy expenditure, delivering immediate cost savings and the right amount of cooling within the data center. The application provides facility managers with control over desired temperatures and visibility into thermal conditions. It employs intelligent software which constantly adjusts cooling as environmental conditions change. This real-time response to temperature-affecting events, such as equipment moves, upgrades or IT load swings, stabilizes air flow and solves the complex puzzle of cooling resource allocation.