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Will a 2-wire Infrascan 750WP Sensor operate with 20W load?
No, Unfortunately a 20W load will not operate a 2-wire Infrascan 750WP Sensor as it has a minimum load of 40W. You can increse the minimum load by...
What is the difference between Cool and Warm white in lighting colour temperatures?
Colour temperatures such as the cool and warm and daylight are measured on the Kelvin Scale. The higher the number the cooler the temperature. For...
Do you have dinensions of the 80MLB?
This is a S6 size blank module for the Modena switch plate and is 74.8mm x 44.8mm. For further information please visit
Can the 56CV520 be purchased in chemical grey?
Yes the part number is 56CV520-CG.  
What is the part number of 56 series, deep, 1 gang mounting enclosure (back box)?
56E1 is the deepest 1 gang mounting enclosure (back box) in the 56 series. The dimensions are 101mm(H) x101mm(W) x 63mm(D).  Mounting Back Boxes are...
Is there a product available to stop LED flickering?
If you are experiencing flickering LED loads when dimming to low levels the 31LCDA has the potential to reduce and/ or remove the flickering. It is...
What are the Parts required to make up an NSX250F Breaker with Micrologic 2.2 Trip Unit 160 Amps?
We can make it up with following two items: Part number LV431403 - NSX250F Basic Frame Part number LV430470 - Micrologic 2.2 Trip Unit 160 Amps  
Are Metal covers available for the PDL699WH worktop socket?
Only white covers are available - PDL699CWH (White)  
What is the code for a Plastic equivalent for limit switch XCKD2102P16 ?
Equivalent code is the XCKP2102P16 Please follow the link for the data sheet and information on this product.
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