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What colour does PDL681M16HFP come in?
This product is only available in White, the part number is PDL681M16HFPWH  
What are the dimensions of the PDL 56E3 enclosure?
Height 295mm, Depth 63mm and Width 102mm Please see the attached product catalogue for more information  
Can Zelio Base and Expansion Module be powered by Different Power Supply?
No. Same power source must be used to power both base and expansion module. There are different votalge Modules to select from, i.e. 12VDC, 24VDC,...
What is the part number for a 1000 watt dimmer?
Clipsal no longer do a 1000watt dimmer , 800watt dimmer is the highest available - 31E4RUD For further information , visit link below:- http://www.clipsal.com/Trade/search-results?q=31E4RUD...
What is part no for power/data shroud kit to suit Clipsal TAL trunking?
Part nos are  PLPSK or PLDSK Go to http://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=PLPSK for details of what is included in the power shroud kit...
Is the Clipsil 2000 range available in brushed aluminium?
No, there are no metal finish surrounds available.  
Is the 280/50 Conduit Clip available in Orange?
Not available in orange, 280/50-GY, grey only  
Is the Clipsal 31E2PUDM compatible with Inductive loads ?
Yes. The pushbutton universal dimmer 31E2PUDM is compatible with Inductive loads  - 350 Watts Max. See the attached brochure for more detail.
What is the height of the Isobar three phase B board range of extension boxes.
The height of the Isobar B board extension boxes is 270mm. Several extension boxes maybe stacked together if more space is required.
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