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    Access to Energy

    Access to Energy is a basic human right

    At Schneider Electric, we want everyone on our planet to have access to reliable, safe, efficient, and sustainable energy. Today nearly 1.1 billion people — almost 1 of every 5 persons on the planet — lack access to modern energy.

    By developing inclusive business models, Schneider Electric contributes to poverty alleviation and environmental protection in an innovative and economically sustainable way.
    • Access to Energy Off the Grid: Schneider Electric in Nigeria Schneider Electric provided the residents of rural Lafenwa, Nigeria with portable solar LED lighting and power systems, giving them safe, green and reliable access to energy for the first time
    • Electrification of Remote Communities in Myanmar Schneider Electric and Golden Key Company (GKC), a Myanmar agribusiness firm, have co-developed a project bringing access to electricity to rural populations in Myanmar’s Ayeyarwady region.
    • Access to Energy Training Discover how Schneider Electric traines people to electricity related jobs.
    • Schneider Electric Energy Access Invests in One Degree Solar Discover One Degree Solar Company that designs, produces, and distributes solar products, thus improving access to energy as well as communication and information in off-grid African communities.
    • women in energy access training working with electrical fixtures Vocational training to adress local skill shortages
    • Smiling man next to his new Schneider Electric Sustainable Eenergy solar panel on his roof Offers & business models for the design and deployment of adequate electrical distribution solutions
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