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Power & Energy Monitoring System

PowerLogic Revenue Meters

PowerLogic ION8600PowerLogic ION8600

ANSI socket meters for utility network monitoring

PowerLogic ION8800PowerLogic ION8800

IEC/DIN rack-mount meters for utility network monitoring

PowerLogic Energy and Power Quality Meters

PowerLogic ION7550/ION7650PowerLogic ION7550/ION7650

High performance meters for utility networks

PowerLogic CM4000PowerLogic CM4000

High performance meters for mains or critical loads on HV/LV networks

PowerLogic Multifunction Power Meters

PowerLogic ION7300PowerLogic ION7300

Highly-configurable meters for feeders or critical loads

PowerLogic ION6200PowerLogic ION6200

Panel meters for feeders or tenant space

PowerLogic PM9PowerLogic PM9

DIN-rail mounted energy meter for LV networks

PowerLogic PM1000PowerLogic PM1000

Cost-effective meters for basic metering of essential measurements

PowerLogic Energy Meters

BCPM (Branch Circuit Power Meter)BCPM (Branch Circuit Power Meter)

Power and energy meter to monitor circuits and mains


DIN-rail mounted Watt-hour meters


Multi-circuit energy meter for high density networks


DIN-rail mounted Kilowatt-hour meters


Innovative split-core CT form factor for basic electrical metering

PowerLogic Digital Meters

Digital AMP / VLT/ FREDigital AMP / VLT/ FRE

Digital ammeter - voltmeter - frequencemetre


Digital voltmeter

PowerLogic remote terminal units

PowerLogic ION7550 RTUPowerLogic ION7550 RTU

Remote terminal unit for data acquisition and integrated utilities metering

PowerLogic Analog Meters

Analog AMP/VLTAnalog AMP/VLT

Analog Ammeters and Voltmeters


Modular selector switches for AMP/VLT



Hour counter


Impulse counter

Current Transformers


Current transformers

PowerLogic Communication Network

PowerLogic EGX100PowerLogic EGX100

Ethernet gateways

PowerLogic EGX300PowerLogic EGX300

Integrated gateway-server

Power Monitor Software

PowerLogic ION Enterprise V6.0PowerLogic ION Enterprise V6.0

Power management software

PowerLogic SCADA 7.10PowerLogic SCADA 7.10

Real-time monitoring and control software for electrical distribution systems

PowerLogic Software Utilities

ION Setup 2.2ION Setup 2.2

Meter configuration and verification utility

PowerLogic Meter Configuration Utility (PMCU)PowerLogic Meter Configuration Utility (PMCU)

Meter configuration and verification utility